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5 Market Disruptors for the Home Service Industry


The Senior Copywriter on my team at VitalStorm, Daniel Estevao, wrote this ebook, and I restructured some portions, checked the resources, edited the content for clarity and edited the text for grammar mistakes. My Senior Copywriter, Bradley Steele Harding, also edited this ebook to make it as polished as it could have been. Here’s the final product.

I also gave a presentation with Josh Moran on the contents of the ebook at the SGI conference in San Antonio in April 2019.

Social Media Marketing for Home Service Companies


Over the summer of 2018, my copywriting intern, Abby Watson, wrote an excellent draft for an ebook. When her internship ended, the Social Media Team Leader India Wilkerson and I fleshed out some sections, rewrote sections, restructured the ebook and edited it. Here’s the whole thing.

Is Your Digital Marketing Company Doing These 8 Things?


As part of a drip campaign, I created a downloadable checklist for what a digital marketing agency should do for its clients based on the unique selling propositions for VitalStorm. Click here to read it.

Tai Pei


I wasn’t technically on Ad Team when Tai Pei was the client. However, I was asked by the Strategy Director to write a portion of the plans book about the audience (page 3), which was later used in the speech, the pitch to the client.

Check it out here.



For a year of life at UNT, I was involved in Ad Team (named Gravitas, nicknamed Tavigras), and I studied Snapple like it was a conspiracy theory. As an account planner, I moderated focus groups, wrote and launched online surveys, presented my research findings to the creative team and more.

Once the campaign was finished, I played a large role in completing the plans book. I wrote the first draft, set up the structure of the book, edited the book and edited the book and edited the book. There was a team of four people who wrote the plans book in the end. We each took turns writing a paragraph, and the rest of us would rip it apart like hyenas rip apart a wildebeest.

This is the final product.

My flesh and blood.



When I was a wee intern babe at SocialCentiv (then called HipLogiq), I was tasked with writing an ebook. I kicked that assignment’s butt. Here’s the ebook: How Do I Twitter? Everything You Need to Know about Twitter Marketing.

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