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Out of respect for the authors, I’m not able to say which books I have ghostwritten (in part or in full) with Scribe, but here’s a list of manuscripts I have either edited, copyedited or proofread:

Dog Love Cat

Here’s the description for, Dog Love Cat, the nonfiction book I am credited for editing on the Copyright page:

I’ve read all the self-help books. I know my love languages, my Myers-Briggs results, and my Enneagram score. These tools are supposed to help me understand myself and how to connect with people, but they are all very confusing and difficult to relate to.

Introducing Dog Love Cat. It’s all about people.

Leverage everything you already know about dogs and cats to learn about yourself and how to connect with other members of your pack, in the most positive ways. From friends and family to coworkers and acquaintances, everyone is either a dog or a cat.

Next, take a simple quiz to reveal what type of dog or cat you are, then discover how to become successful in ways that come naturally to you. Try it. It works!

Achievement Center of Texas – Unpublished

I wrote a 25,000-word collection of fiction stories based on the lives of the students at Achievement Center of Texas (ACT), a center for children and adults with special needs.

I interviewed the teachers, parents and students involved with the center to get our students’ best stories. While I loved writing the book, my passions and interests superseded disability activism, so I left ACT. At that point, publication of the book was no longer pursued.

Here’s a story from the book that I’m especially proud of called Halfway Home.

Trailer Trash: A Collection of Poems

TRAILER TRASH is a poetry collection that discusses internalized classism, as well as the mental and environmental conditions that often accompany poverty, especially in the south: uneducated sexual exploration (and exploitation), untreated mental illness, and religious idealization. For people living in poverty, these characteristics are inherited, and this collection explores that generational trauma through free-verse and erasure poetry.

This is being shopped around!

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