Francesca Foote

Short Screenplay, adapted from my short story

2nd Round at Austin Film Festival, 2022

Austin Film Festival reader comments:

Concept: “Francesca Foote is a unique concept that showcases the writer’s wonderful ability to write in the comedic genre. The story is fresh, but familiar enough to today’s world that it will reach a large audience.”

Structure: “The story is well paced, and has a solid beginning, middle, and end. Every scene contained information that moved the story forward to its satisfying conclusion.”

Characters: “The characters in this piece are well defined from one another and intriguing to watch. Francesca and Kayleigh come alive off the page with their authenticity. They feel like people you actually know. It can be said that Ben, Andrea, and Violet feel a bit one dimensional, but they serve their purpose in the story well.”

Dialogue: “The dialogue in this piece felt authentic to the world the writer has created. Ben, Andrea, and Violet have very little time on the page, but have large, distinct personalities through their words. Francesca’s sharp tongue, plus purposefully ignorant coworkers, makes for an entertaining read.”

Overall: “The story deals with themes on the sacrifices we make for the ones we love, and the poor treatment many face working in corporate America. Watching Francesca’s story unfold is a captivating journey. The reader finds that her love Sarah, while a great love, also kept Francesca from trying things that excite her. On top of this, she’s had employment at companies who have never valued her work. We find a character who has had a life of hardship, finally realize that they can take back their power, and then do so in the most ridiculous way. This story is an excellent example of the writer’s ability to create in the comedic genre, and is sure to impress audiences for a long time. Great work!”

Read the screenplay here.


Original short screenplay

Top 10 Screenplays in the 2022 Honeybee Contest Prize Contest for The Good Life Review

Riley, remember the plan.

Riley counts each step on her undecorated, short-nailed fingers.

Yes! Make a baby, push it into the
arms of rich adoptive parents, get
them to pay for my college tuition,
and BECOME A DOCTOR. If it could
happen for Jessica from homeroom,
it can happen for me.

Read the screenplay here.

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