Presentations + Readings

Sometimes I talk in front of a bunch of other people, and the crazy part is, they seem to listen when I do that.


Hope’s Door New Beginning Center

Digital Abuse & Cyberstalking


The account holder has turned off embedding options, so please click the image below to be taken to the YouTube video of this recording. (Pro Tip: Right click and open in a new tab to avoid being taken away from my website.)

Understanding Teen Dating Relationships


I was originally supposed to do this recording from my very well-lighted office at the Plano Outreach Center, but thanks to the 2023 Ice-pocalypse, I had to do it from home, right as I was about to move, so please forgive the lighting in the video.

Other topics I have presented on:

  • The Dynamics of Domestic Abuse: Tactics, Myths & Social Norms
  • Decide, Don’t Slide: Understanding the Difference between Healthy, Unhealthy and Abusive Relationships
  • Childhood Domestic Abuse: The Impact of DV on Child Witnesses
  • In Their Shoes: Teens and Dating Violence at Adolescent Symposium of Texas 2023

Upcoming presentations:

  • Human Writes: Personal Healing for Sexual Trauma at TAASA 2023

Antioch University

Babysitting Your Book: Notes from a Nonfiction Ghostwriter and Kinship Caregiver

2022. Comments from my presentation facilitator, Sharman Apt Russell:

“Andie had a lively and fun presence, using gestures and enthusiastic body language to convey her interest and passion in her subject. She handled a problem with technology–midway through her presentation–with grace and ease. Her friendly and engaged manner was one of her greatest strengths. […] Her handout complemented her presentation very well, with some good specific tips and specific apps that I think many writers will appreciate.”


Antioch University


Read 2022; originally published in Sunspot Lit in 2021.

Oral Fixation

Like Riding a Bike

Season 3, “Ducks in a Row,” April 2014

Other readings I’ve done that didn’t get captured because I’m a fool:

  • 3 Poems at Antioch Open Mic 2022
  • 2 Poems for Quiet Lightning 2021
  • 5 Poems for LitNight Dallas 2019

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